COVID-19 Information
Please see below dated information as it has been released regarding processes due to COVID19 Closure/Reopening.


I just wanted to update you for the lowering of Covid-19 restrictions from the 19th July 2021. 

Collection of orders can resume to normal but will be at the front door of the property only. You can either ring/knock on the door or call 07889946806 on arrival. If you wish to collect your order at a distance, please let me know and I will place your order on a collection table. I respect that some customers will still prefer to collect with masks on and full covid-19 mitigations still in place. Please do what ever makes you feel safest. 

Please do not collect any orders if you have been told to self-isolate or if you are showing symptoms of covid-19 or awaiting test results. Your order can be collected by an alternative person, please inform me in advance. 

I will be unable to fulfil your order should myself or anyone else within my household tests positive for Covid-19 until our isolation period ends. I am also unable to fulfil your order if I am personally contacted by NHS track and trace or been in contact with some who has tested positive for Covid-19. This applies to all orders within the 10 day isolation period stated by track and trace. I will do my best to find you an alternative cake maker and you will be entitled to a refund that will be discussed with you as soon as possible.

Please see your terms and conditions that were sent with your invoice (new T&Cs came into effect for orders after 1st May 2021). 

I will continue to wear a mask when setting up weddings cakes at any venue and observe any social distancing measures that venues may still have in place. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.


As the country starts to reopen, many enquiries are starting to come in for larger events, including weddings. Smaller cakes can be made if you have decided to continue with your wedding date and covid-19 restrictions are still in place. I have limited availability for weddings in 2021 and taking orders from September onwards as well as into 2022. 


The tier 4 announcement for Suffolk does not mean I have to close, but I will only be honouring orders already booked and paid for during the month of January. To keep all contact to a minimum I will not be taking on any new orders for January and any online orders (including wedding samples) will be postal delivery only. Thank you for your understanding.


As of the 2nd October 2020, any orders that are to be postponed to any date in 2022 will incur a rescheduling fee. This fee is £40 and covers the cost of the materials where prices are already being inflated. This fee is also non-refundable should you cancel your order. Any dates in 2022 that cannot be accommodated by Primrose Cakes will be fully refunded, minus the cost of any materials that had already been purchased for your order. Please see full terms and conditions.


Primrose Cakes remains open. Social distancing still applies on collection or delivery of an order. Please bear in mind your limit on numbers for social gatherings and the size of your cake. Primrose Cakes will be happy to discuss your sizing options with the design you would like. Covid-19 terms and conditions are still in operation.



With careful consideration and planning, I will be reopening this week! My online shop will launch tomorrow (13th May 2020) at 9am. Pre-order your cakes for a CONTACT FREE COLLECTION on Sat 16th or Sun 17th May and retrieve your order from my driveway collection point at your allocated time. Online or phone payments only. Also taking orders for occasion cakes! Scheduled deliveries will start from 22nd May to IP1, IP2, IP3 & IP4 (charges apply)


Today I have spoken to my insurance and Ipswich Borough Council Environmental Health department who have both given me the green light to start trading again. In addition to my standard high levels of hygiene, steps will be put in place to ensure a contact free collection and delivery service for all clients. Payments will only be taken over the phone or online via my online shop (launching 13th May 2020). It will be pre-orders only for the specified available dates and times on the website or discussed with Primrose Cakes directly. Orders will include cake treats, flavoured sponge cakes/cupcakes and occasion cakes (all subject to supplies being available at the time). Collections are from 84 Dales Road, IP1 4JR. Clients will be asked to call/text 07889946806 on arrival, from their car. Client's orders will be placed on the designated collection table (on the driveway). Please do not collect your order until a 2 metre distance has been observed. 


Thank you for all your patience and support during this time. Primrose Cakes is still closed for all orders but still happy to take enquiries for later in the year or 2021.I await a government update to make the decision on when I can reopen. Please can I ask that if you have an order for MAY and you need to postpone or cancel, that you can let me know as soon as possible. Remember: you can transfer your order/deposit to another date or to a voucher. 



**Complimentary Vouchers**
Some complimentary vouchers are expiring at the end of March or April. The expiry date is now being extended until 31st December 2020. If you have a complimentary voucher, please contact with the voucher code and expiry date to have your date extension acknowledged. Thank You.



In light of the government announcement on 23.3.2020, I will be closed until further notice. Any clients with an order within the next three weeks will be contacted on 24.3.2020. Anyone who has already postponed, I will contact you in the next 14 days with updated order form.Anyone that still has orders placed for May, June and July, please contact me as soon as you can for any cancellations of postponements.

Online bookings, postal cake samples and orders are currently suspended until we are clear on when we can reopen. 
Thank you for your support, take care xxx



In addition to allowing deposits or orders to be transferred to a future date, I am also offering existing booked clients to take any payments already made, transferred into a voucher. This voucher will be valid for 12 months from the day you request it. This means that if your current event does not go ahead or cannot be postponed, you can spend this voucher on a different cake order (e.g. for a different birthday later in the year). Please do get in touch to discuss your options. Vouchers will be posted out free of charge while Royal Mail deliveries still go ahead. Please see website for full details. All Terms and Conditions have now been amended to reflect the current situation.

**We still remain in operation at this time** 


ALL cake orders currently booked are going ahead as normal. Your order is only going to be cancelled should I or my household show symptoms of the virus and it is due in the time to isolate and recover OR if the government force food businesses to close.
Feel free to message to check about your order, but more importantly inform me of any cancellations or postponements as soon as possible



In the current circumstances regarding Covid-19, I would like to give all my clients the following information:
- Strict hygiene rules always apply when making your order and it will continue.
- It may be possible that your event is cancelled, either by yourself or your venue. I ask for as much notice as possible if you no longer require your cake.
- The usual cancellation terms and conditions will still be in place (please see your order form or website). You may transfer your deposit to a later date.
- Should I or any of my household show symptoms of the virus, orders due within the time to self isolate and recover will be cancelled to ensure there is no contamination to clients. Refunds will be discussed or you may transfer your deposit to another date.
- Due to a shortage in some ingredients/materials from some suppliers, a slight change to your order may occur. I will ensure you are notified in good time to make alternative choices.
- Please can I ask that if you or members of your household show signs of the virus, that you make alternative arrangements to collect your cake, any relative or friend is welcome. Collections will be a front door policy only.
- I have stopped all face to face consultations temporarily, feel free to make a phone or video call appointment (free of charge).
- Tasting samples are being offered by post for £10 inclusive of postage costs (up to 4 flavours, bookable online from 17th March).

Thanks in advance for your understanding and take care. Feel free to contact if you are concerned about your order.